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Top Drugs Detected in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana

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Data Supports Findings

Forensic Fluids Laboratories (FFL) has collected extensive data regarding drug prevalence in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana through testing with their state-of-the-art technology. Analysis of this data demonstrates the most frequently detected drugs in each area. The lab predominantly offers drug testing for Child Protective Services, county specialty courts, and employer pre-screenings. Through this testing, FFL’s team of toxicologists has gathered data concerning the most prevalent drugs in each state, along with data for each county that FFL has contracted services. The county data support the findings that in all three states, the top drugs in the serviced counties are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Amphetamine and Methamphetamine. Other drugs detected in the analyses include Opiates, Cocaine, and Methadone. THC is the physiologically active component found in cannabis, and Forensic Fluids Laboratories recognizes the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in December of 2018 in Michigan may be relevant to higher statistics of THC.

In all three states, THC ranks as the top identified drug. Specifically, THC is the most detected at 72 percent in Michigan with FFL providing testing services in all 83 counties. With business in 68 of Ohio’s 88 counties, THC is the top drug at 51 percent. Finally, with business in all 92 Indiana counties, THC is the highest drug at 70 percent. Michigan’s second most prevalent drugs are Amphetamine and Buprenorphine. Ohio and Indiana both have Amphetamine as the second highest detected in their states.

Who Uses Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Forensic Fluids Laboratories provides testing for a variety of specialty courts in these states, including juvenile, family, probation and veteran courts. They additionally offer testing services for pre-employment screening and work-place accident reports. The samples are tested in the lab to determine if any drugs are present, with an identification of the type of drug and quantitation. The laboratory uses its oral fluid method for the most accurate readings. Many courts and employers rely on the credibility of Forensic Fluids Laboratories to provide the most timely and efficient results. This is additionally verified through FFL’s work with the Michigan State Police.

Oral Fluid Drug Testing Used in Roadside Pilot

The internal data from FFL lab experts support the results of the Michigan State Police pilot roadside drug testing program, which ran from November of 2017 to November of 2018. The program was administered in five Michigan counties to test drivers operating their vehicles under the influence of drugs. The findings demonstrate that THC is the highest active drug found in these roadside tests. The program will continue into 2019, with plans to expand throughout the state to further show the concerns of drugged driving.

Please click here to read the MLive article regarding results of the Michigan State Police pilot program for roadside drug testing, and how they relied on Forensic Fluids Laboratories to confirm drug results through oral fluid laboratory method.

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