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Major Implications of Recreational Marijuana in Michigan

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On November 6, 2018, Michigan voters said “yes” to the legalization of recreational marijuana. With over 4.3 million voters reporting to the polls, 56 percent voted in favor of the 18-1 proposal. Now, on December 6, marijuana will be legalized to adults over the age of 21.

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NBOMe: Dangerous New Designer Drugs

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What Are NBOMes?

NBOMe is a phenethylamine, also known as a psychedelic. These compounds are considered designer drugs because they have been created in laboratories. NBOMes were discovered in Germany in 2003, and became available on the recreational drug markets in 2010. They are commonly sold on blotter paper and have often been mistaken for LSD. Unlike LSD, these drugs can be 10-20 times more potent. NBOMes are also appearing as tablets, powder and liquid. Common street names for NBOMe are N-Bomb, Smiles, 25I, 25C, and 25B.

NBOMe Effects

 Euphoria  Nausea
Stimulation Vomiting
Color intensity Paranoia
Psychic awareness Vasoconstriction
Intense feelings Seizures
Intense visuals Death

Hidden Dangers

Since the most common delivery of the NBOMe drugs are on blotter paper, there is little control over the dosage. According to the DEA, these compounds have been linked to the deaths of at least 19 Americans aged 15 to 29 between March of 2012 and August of 2013. The DEA then made three of the compounds illegal under the controlled substance act (CSA), 25I-NBOMe, 25C-NBOMe, and 25B-NBOMe. 

NBOMes continue to cause overdose and death in the US and throughout the world.

Forensic Fluids currently offers oral fluid testing for five of the NBOMe compounds: 

  • 25B-NBOMe
  • 25C-NBOMe
  • 25D-NBOMe
  • 25H-NBOMe
  • 25I-NBOMe (considered the most dangerous)

We are constantly adding to our comprehensive list of detectable drugs in an effort to provide you with the most up to date choices.

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High on Kratom

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What is Kratom?

Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) is similar to opiates like morphine. The crushed leaves are usually sold in a powdered form that looks similar to finely ground green tea. The Kratom is usually mixed with a liquid and consumed as tea.  It is used recreationally to experience an opiate-like high, and to manage pain.  The effects on humans are not well studied, but chronic use of the plant carries with it the potential for addiction which can lead to withdrawal symptoms.

Where are people using it?

While it is "legal" in most states, the DEA has listed it as a "drug of concern". Kratom is illegal in four different states.  There has been legislation introduced to make it illegal in elsewhere in the country.

What are the effects?

Symptoms of Kratom use include:

  • psychosis
  • convulsions
  • sweating
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • dizziness 
  • bowel obstruction

Can it be detected in a drug test?

Forensic Fluids Laboratories is one of the few laboratories in the country that offers a test for Kratom.  The drug is relatively new to the United States while is has been illegal in Thailand since 1979.  

It is very important for us to be able to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date testing available which is why we make it a priority to test for the drugs that people are using.

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