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What is 6-MAM?

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6-Monoacetylmorphine (6-MAM) is a metabolite of heroin.

6-MAM refers to 6-Monoacetylmorphine. When someone uses heroin, the drug is converted into the active metabolite 6-MAM and the less active 3-MAM.  A test that is positive for 6-MAM can only mean that the person has used heroin.

Does no 6-MAM mean no heroin use?

Shortly after heroin use, 6-MAM is either metabolized into morphine or excreted from the body. If a person has not used heroin very recently, they may not be positive for 6-MAM because of its short half-life.

After the 6-MAM is metabolized, the person would only be positive for morphine.

How long can 6-MAM be detected?

6-MAM can usually be found in oral fluid for several hours after heroin use. Morphine, which is also produced from heroin use, can be detected for a longer period.

Chronic heroin use can also increase the window of detection.

Can a positive 6-MAM result be caused by a legally prescribed opiate?

No.  6-MAM is a unique metabolite of only heroin.

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